Why People Need Sunglasses

  • Friday, 26 July 2019
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We often buy sunglasses the same way we buy fashion accessories: a new pair every spring with an emphasis on fashion over function. But, becoming in the sun should always mean taking precautions against harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

The American Optometric Association suggests you shop sensible. When making that fashionable purchase, remember sunglasses protect your eyes. So, how well they work matters just as much as how they make you look.

UV Protection 

The sun's UV radiation can cause cataracts; benign growths on the eye's surface; cancer of the eyelids and pores and skin around the eye; and photokeratitis, sometimes called snow blindness, which is a temporary but painful sunburn of the eye's surface. Wide-brimmed hats and caps can block about 50% of UV radiation from the eyes, but optometrists say that is not enough protection.

Blue-Light Protection 

Long-term exposure to the blue and violet portion of the solar spectrum offers been implicated as a risk factor for macular degeneration, especially for folks who are “sun sensitive.”

Comfortable Vision

The sun's brightness and glare interfere with comfortable vision and the ability to see clearly by causing squinting and watering of the eyes.

Dark Adaptation 

Spending just two or three hours in bright sunlight can hamper the eye' ability to adapt quickly to nighttime or indoor light levels. This can make driving at night after spending a day time in the sun more hazardous.

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